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Medi-Stim ComfyTENS Plus

Did you know that a TENS unit can help reduce the pain of migraine headaches and menstruation? The Medi-Stim ComfyTENS Plus can. It has 12 presets for various types of pain. Neck pain, back pain, OA knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatic pain, and many other types. It can even help reduce nausea and motion sickness! […]

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ACL/PCL Derotational Braces

A partial or complete tear of an ACL or PCL is common among athletes. Highland Orthopedic Supply has a wide variety of ACL and PCL braces as well as temperature therapy and muscle stimulation units to aid in the recovery of these types of injuries. Derotational knee braces such as the Breg Fusion are great […]

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Back Bracing

Today we will talk about Lumbar Sacral Orthosis or LSO’s.  An LSO is a brace that wraps around the waist, attaches with Velcro, and has a tightening system that pulls the tummy in and pushes the lumbar section of the spine, the low back, into anywhere from 15 degrees to 25 degrees of extension, creating optimal […]

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Golf Braces

It’s mid spring and the weather is great!  Its time to spend some time on the golf course.  For those of you who suffer from golfer’s elbow, also known as medial epicondyliitis, you may be wary about swinging a golf club due to the pain and swelling. Golfer’s elbow is a result of inflammation on […]

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Hip Kits

Highland Orthopedic Supply now carries Hip Kits. These are great for anyone who is going in for a Hip Replacement Surgery or who has had one recently. They consist of a long shoe horn, 26′ reacher, sock aid, dressing aid, and a long handled sponge. Starting at 49.99 and free ground shipping these are a […]

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Pain Warrior TENS/EMS

Highland Orthopedic Supply has just put the Pain Warrior TENS/EMS unit on sale. It’s only $119.99 with free ground shipping! This is a great, over the counter unit! No Prescription required. Sale starts today and runs through Friday May 8th! Features: 7 preset TENS programs 6 preset EMS programs Includes: 1 set of lead wires […]

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Highland Orthopedic Supply - Braces, Mobility, Bathroom Safety Supplies